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Dear Children and Parents


Jerry strolls down the winding road,
There is no fear in him.
His mind is bright, his heart beats bold,
He fancies his brand new whim.

Tooth doctor awaits our little friend,
Happy to see him in a jolly mood.
Jerry enters the room to attend
The doc’s new games, to see if they’re good.

You’re not convinced, your heart in doubt?
Test it yourself, with your own eyes,
The place so comfy, so cuddly…not loud
The people ‘round smiling’n’nice.

Toothpaste and brush, color and sound,
For those willing to dwell there,
Come, come to us – you have just found
The place, the spot: Jerry’s been here.



If a dentist, in addition to being a professional, becomes a child’s friend, the young patient enters the world of dental adventures with no fear or anxiety. Parents of our young patients are always welcome at We are happy to cooperate with them because we know very well that good child-parent-doctor relations are key to successful treatment and care.

We are parents ourselves. Having children of different age, we know perfectly well how to nurture contacts with entire families. We love children and we understand their fears, concerns, dreams and aspirations. has been designed with children in mind. All younger patients are welcome: from infants and toddlers to schoolchildren and teenagers. From the surgery to the waiting room – at the sun always shines for children patients!

We are her for you, kids! We are looking forward to seeing you and your families – and showing you what modern painless dentistry is all about.


Dental treatment with passion and a smile 


             Karolina Michalska-Bałaga                      Michał Bałaga




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